Advantages of OutDry in daily usage

  Extreme waterproofness

OutDry moves the waterproof barrier from the internal lining to the external upper. As a result, the water stays on the outer surface of the shoe and your feet remain dry. You will not experience the unpleasant feeling of humidity, typical of footwear utilizing current waterproofing linings ("bootie" system).

Superior breathability

OutDry's membrane is specifically engineered for foot and hand protection. It has very high water vapor permeability, certified by the primary international testing facilities. The complete absence of any seam-sealing tape, allows the system to exploit 100% permeability of the waterproof barrier surface, thus increasing overall breathability.

Unmatched comfort

OutDry creates a larger volume of dry air between the foot and the waterproof barrier; this dramatically reduces the risk of condensation from excessive perspiration and helps to maintain a stable temperature of the foot (by eliminating the loss of heat caused by direct conduction: foot-lining-water).

Perfect fit

OutDry uniformly seals the upper's inner surface with a thin waterproof barrier. There are no folds, no seams and no seam-sealing tapes. This eliminates potential points of friction with the foot, and consequently decreases the risk of blisters. Blistering is the #1 cause of foot discomfort when exercising in extreme conditions.

Lighter all day

Thanks to OutDry, water cannot penetrate into the upper, stagnating between the upper and the lining; you no longer need to carry this excess weight in your shoe. Exertion is reduced and performance increased. In addition, OutDry insures that the upper absorbs less water and dries much faster.

High quality and durability

The materials and processes utilized by OutDry are engineered for durability in extreme conditions, and maintain their characteristics for the entire lifetime of the footwear.