All OutDry materials and processes are fully tested and guaranteed. OutDry technicians collaborate directly with world-class footwear manufacturers for setting up production process and verifying waterprooofness and comfort requirements.

Sample footwear production is regularly tested at OutDry laboratories, with specific and advanced technical equipment, in order to verify appropriate quality requirements:

  Flex Test

Indicate any penetration of humidity within the footwear. In addition, OutDry quality standards require for a footwear weight increase of less than 10% during testing.


This OutDry patented testing equipment works with 4 special metal boxes, filled with water as the wearer would find in a mountain stream or in a heavy storm.
The footwear is placed in the water-filled box, which is then rotated at up to 250 revolutions per minute and the water is compressed onto the external surface of the footwear (up to 30kPa of pressure). The whole footwear construction is put under severe test.
This test verifies that no humidity has penetrated the footwear and that the 10% increase in weight is not exceeded.


OutDry system insures that construction materials meet the highest quality standards of water vapor permeability, as set by the SATRA TM47 testing method. This test is conducted at an inside footwear temperature of 32°C (standard temperature for maximum comfort) and simulates the actual conditions of breathability during intensive activity.


Is measured by means of a walking test within a climate controlled environment under various conditions. However, OutDry considers field testing as the best method of evaluation. OutDry organizes ongoing testing activities with professionals in various disciplines, where truly waterproof footwear and maximum comfort are essential: climbing, trekking, trail running, golf, sailing, hunting, motorcycling and more.