The OutDry system advantages:

Extreme waterproofness

Inside OutDry gloves, the waterproof and breathable membrane is bonded directly to the external glove’s shell, creating a unique body with it. Thus, with OutDry, there are no gaps between the shell and the waterproof barrier (as is the case with a conventional waterproof insert system) where the water can stagnate and create an unpleasant wet, cold sensation. For the same reason, gloves with OutDry does not get damp and dry much faster.

Superior breathability

The OutDry membrane is specifically engineered for hand protection and comfort during sport activity. It has very high water vapor permeability, certified by the primary international testing facilities according to ISO, ASTM and JIS norms. Thanks to the direct lamination process, the absence of humidity between the membrane and the shell greatly facilitates moisture management.

Totally windproof

The OutDry system offers the best windproof functionality. With OutDry the wind is blocked on the glove’s outer surface. With a standard insert system, the air between the shell and the membrane is continuously replaced with cold air, reducing the thermal properties of the glove.

Constant insulation

The secret behind OutDry’s comfort lies with the large volume of warm, dry air which envelops your hand. This layer of air dramatically reduces the risk of condensation from excessive perspiration, and maintains stable hand temperature.

Perfect fit

The OutDry system uniformly seals the shell’s inner surface with a thin waterproof barrier (0,03 mm) leaving increased space for the insulation layer. OutDry provide a precise fit and increased dexterity: no need to take your gloves off.

High quality and durability

The materials and processes utilized by the OutDry system are engineered for durability in extreme conditions, and maintain their properties for the entire lifetime of the glove.